From reef to range, the Research Centre plays a vital and valuable role in understanding, conserving and promoting one of the world’s most pristine and bio-diverse habitats.

The Research Centre is home to the ‘Ningaloo Alliance’: a collaborative partnership comprising the University of Western Australia’s ‘Ocean Institute’ and various tertiary and research bodies, state and local government departments, and local organisations. The Centre provides Alliance members with the facilities to carry out invaluable marine research, education and training. The research undertaken enhances understanding of the reefs and the coastal areas of the region. The Centre brings together scientists, educators and the community, and is the central educational resource for improving management and conservation throughout the Ningaloo Marine Park. The research enables world-class monitoring programs, informs environmental management and conservation initiatives across the west Pilbara and Ningaloo regions, and assesses the resilience of the reef systems in the face of climate change, extreme events (such as cyclones), and the impacts of human activity.

The Ningaloo Alliance Includes:

·         UWA Oceans Institute (UWAOI);

·         Murdoch University;

·         Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC);

·         Ningaloo Ocean and Earth Research Centre Inc (NOERC);

·         Shire of Exmouth (SoE);

·         CSIRO;

·         Department of Fisheries (DoF);

·         Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS);

·         Department of  Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA);

·         Durack Institute of Technology (Tafe).

Objectives of the Ningaloo Alliance

  • Provide scientific guidance to staff, through the Chair;
  • Promote the values of the Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf ecosystems state-wide, nationwide and internationally and advance the role of the Ningaloo Centre as a central hub linking researchers with educators and the public;
  • Contribute to the development, management and publishing of baseline data within Ningaloo Marine Park and the Exmouth Gulf through the Ningaloo Atlas, which will act as a repository for past, present and future research information;
  • To enhance the opportunity for national and international collaborative research projects supported by and contributing outcomes to the Ningaloo Centre and delivering benefits to the Western Australian and Exmouth Communities;
  • To provide avenues for enhanced education experiences of the Exmouth Community members at various levels, from primary to high and technical schools, while also developing education programs that are consistent with the objectives of the Ningaloo Centre.