Pristine and Deserted Beaches

Beaches in Exmouth WAExmouth and Coral Bay are surrounded by the stunning and unspoilt beaches of the North West Cape and Ningaloo; it really is the perfect escape to isolated turquoise waters and white sand where visitors can snorkel, surf, stand up paddleboard, kayak, fish or simply relax.

Beaches near Exmouth

Town Beach: Just a short drive from the centre of town, this is the ideal beach for a morning stroll. Go at high tide for a safe swim or at sunset to watch the moon rising over Exmouth Gulf.  The Warne Street end of Town Beach provides car parking, barbeque facilities, and a dog and vehicle free section of beach perfect for young families. You can drive your 4WD along most of this beach with access from both Warne Street and Willersdorf Road.

Bundegi Beach: A 12km drive north of Exmouth will take you to this local’s favourite swimming and fishing beach situated beside the VLF communication towers. Boat owners can also launch from the pier at the southern end of the beach.

Snorkelling and the Cape Range National Park: Attracting visitors from across the planet the stunning beaches in this World Heritage listed area are where the coral gardens of Ningaloo Reef can be snorkelled only metres from the shore. The most famous of these beaches is Turquoise Bay which has been listed as one of the Top 10 Beaches in Australia, but there are plenty of gems along this stretch of coastline for you to explore and enjoy.

Surfing Beaches: Exmouth’s main surfing beach is Dunes, which is one of several beaches accessible form the Mildura Wreck Road to the west of the VLF towers. The more experienced surfers can paddle out from Lighthouse Bay to the Bommie, while beginners and grommets enjoy Wobiri Beach, south of Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Off the coast surf breaks can also be found at the Murion Islands and the Montebellos.

Turtle Action: Turtles are found year round at Ningaloo and can frequently be spotted whilst snorkelling, but numbers increase dramatically during the summer months for Turtle Season. During this time turtles lay their eggs and after approximately 60 days of incubation the turtles hatchlings start appearing out of the sand.  The beaches south of Vlamingh Head Lighthouse are prime turtle rookeries with a good starting point being the information centre at Jurabi.

Mauritius Beach: This is Exmouth’s clothing optional beach so if you’re seeking an all-over tan, Mauritis is the beach for you.

Beaches near Coral Bay

Bill's Bay: This stunning centrepiece to Coral Bay, with its extensive white sand and fringing coral gardens just metres from the shore, is within walking distance of all accommodation in the small settlement. With a whole range of activity available from the beach Bill’s Bay is a main focus of any holiday in Coral Bay.

Paradise Beach: Located south of Purdy Point just before the Monk's Head rocky outcrop, Paradise Beach lives up to its name as a stunning beach with pristine white sands and crystal clear waters.