Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre

Located in the Ningaloo Centre the Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre is an immersive experience for the whole family.

An exciting and educational experience showcasing the fascinating history of the region and the amazing natural environment from the Reef to the Range.

Live displays of marine and terrestrial animals are sure to wow people of all ages and interactive displays will teach you about the amazing environments and inhabitants.

History Gallery

History Gallery

Discover the history of one of Australia’s youngest town’s and the connection to the American Navy. Jump on the Big Red bus and go on a journey through history.

Step inside the Cyclone room and experience what it was like during cyclone Vance in 1999, still holding the record for the highest wind gusts ever recorded over mainland Australia

Reef Gallery

Reef Gallery

The Reef Gallery lets you explore the wonders of the Ningaloo reef from the dry land and meet some of the reef’s inhabitants.  Showcasing over 100 species of amazing fish and other animals found in the Ningaloo region and housing one of Australia’s largest live reef aquariums it sure to wow the whole family.

Discover the different species that inhabit the reef from our interactive touch screens and create your own digital fish and release it into our virtual aquarium.

Range Gallery

Learn about the unique environment of the Cape Range National Park and meet some of the reptile inhabitants who call this arid environment home. Take a journey into our cave where you will discover the unique creatures that are found nowhere else in the world.

The Range Gallery