Published on Tuesday, 9 June 2020 at 9:10:24 AM

Exmouth’s BIG Prawn is back following a much-needed makeover by local spray painting artist Georgia Raymond - Vine and it is now the shiniest cooked Western King Prawn in the Southern Hemisphere!

The supersized realistic crustacean was constructed in 2004 by local Exmouth resident Mr Brian Paskins and is an ode to the local prawning industry which is still today recognised as one of the best managed sustainable fisheries in the world producing 900 tonnes of wild-caught prawns annually.

Made from fibreglass laid over a steel core the piece stands at seven metres in height and weighs impressive 2000kg, which makes it just two metres shy of its quirky cousin in New South Wales!

Initially commissioned by MG Kailis, the piece moved from the MG Kailis Gulf Fisheries at Learmonth to its current Murat Road address in 2014, after the Kailis family donated the local icon to the Shire of Exmouth.

Keeping it local the much-needed makeover was contracted to Exmouth Smash Repairs, where resident artist Georgia Raymond-Vine re-created the iconic colouring in a nine-hours-non-stop spray paint makeover.

The (still) nameless male Western King Prawn will hopefully stand guard for more decades to come and star in many more visitor-snaps around the world.



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