Shire Of Exmouth Takes Action To Prevent Illegal Camping – A New Chapter Together With Local Community Club

Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2024 at 9:31:38 AM

Following the Council's authorisation of the Chief Executive Officer in the April Ordinary Council Meeting, the Exmouth Horseman's Club Inc., which has been on a periodical lease since the expiration of its 21-year lease in 1993, has now entered into a lease with terms of 10 years, renewable for an additional 10 years upon mutual agreement, as granted by the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage. This exciting development marks a new chapter not only for the club, paving the way for long-term stability and growth, but also for the Shire of Exmouth and its quest to prevent illegal camping on the North West Cape.

In a proactive move, following the guidance of its Strategic Community Plan, the Shire of Exmouth has made a significant budget increase of $200K for illegal camping prevention in the FY 2023/24 budget during the February budget review. 

These additional funds have been earmarked to advance the development of a camping ground managed by the local community club, providing an additional affordable camping option for small vehicles, tents, and cars. This move aims to enhance the options available to prevent or redirect illegal camping, contributing to the preservation of the unique environment of the North West Cape.

The Shire of Exmouth holds a Management Order over the entirety of Reserve 29066 for the purpose of Recreation and Drainage, and is committed to working closely with the Horseman's club to identify the needs that will address the challenges posed by illegal camping in the area. 

Shire staff are actively collaborating with the Exmouth Horseman's Club to implement a robust and efficient booking system. This system will ensure fair and orderly operations once the site development is completed. The streamlined booking process will not only benefit the club and its members but also facilitate a smooth transition into the new services provided by the club, expected to start in the second half of the 2024 calendar year.

Picture: Camping Ground Consultation Plot



“This collaborative effort is a testament to the commitment of the Shire of Exmouth and the Exmouth Horseman's Club to address the issue of illegal camping and to provide sustainable solutions that benefit both the local community and the environment. I am excited to share more updates as this initiative progresses!”

“As the club looks ahead to the future, the renewed lease and the ongoing collaboration with the Shire of Exmouth signify a commitment to sustainable and responsible land use. Council is very excited to work together to create a welcoming and well-managed space for all to enjoy. Exciting times lie ahead as we embark on this journey of progress and cooperation with one of our longstanding community clubs.”


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Sandra Flint, Coordinator Communications, Shire of Exmouth
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